Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anders and Hadley at 5 Months

They are both in their cribs. Anders has given up the swaddle and (95%) the pacifier; Hadley still uses both to sleep. They started solids last week and so far are following in their big siblings' footsteps: they love sweet potatoes, peas, oat cereal, spoons, and just generally the whole Food aspect of life.

Anders reaches for Hadley's hand instinctively every time they are next to each other, but especially when they're waiting for food or if he hears her squawking--it seems to be an impulse to comfort her or to be comforted, or to commiserate about how LONG their bottle refills are taking. Or just for the fun of it:

They are both cheerful and relatively calm babies. Anders rarely gets feisty, and when he does it's almost always cured by moving him out of the offending jumperoo/exersaucer, or by rubbing his back for a minute if he's awake in the middle of a nap. His cries never sound sad, just angry--in fact, I don't know that I've seen actual tears on his face more than once in five months. Sometimes he complains himself to sleep.

Hadley's moods are a bit more mercurial; she's clear about preferring to be held than put down and quite vocal about preferring to be looked at and talked to than the alternative. When she cries, she really cries, although she too is easily soothed by a bouncing hug...or just some attention. And she doles out smiles constantly--as I've written here before, she has higher highs and lower lows than her twin bro.

I can't believe it's only been five months, and yet I can't believe it's already been five months. Defined against and alongside each other, their personalities seem so much more detailed than a pair of five-month-olds' should be. And was there ever really a time when these exact people didn't exist in the database? My memories are infused with a future full of them.

And yet, some part of my brain is still stuck on "We're having twins?!?" It's been over a year since I jerked upright at the sight of two white blobs on the ultrasound screen and helplessly told the kind physician that we lived in a three-bedroom raised ranch (which is no longer true). But somehow I can't believe that now we have twins. Five-month-old twins.

Five months! Wheeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hadley Has a Tooth!

I haven't a clue when it started breaking through--I regularly do a sweep of Anderson's gums because he's so drooly, but this morning I decided to check Hadley and whaddya know? One center chomper on the lower left, sharp to the touch and visible to the naked eye! Congrats, baby girl!

Maybe that explains why she likes her pacifier so much?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Winter of our Discontent

"Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of York our stellar friends and family," is how I'm going to paraphrase some Shakespeare, if you don't mind.

This winter has been unpleasant. We've dealt with newborn twins and a move back to our new and improved abode (both more positive changes than negative, but still major)--and then one baby was hospitalized for RSV, the whole household save me and Finn (and I do mean save) was struck with an awful stomach bug, and now we've been passing a mild cold around for weeks while the temperatures struggle to hit the thirties. THE THIRTIES. IN MARCH.

But now it's April and it looks like Mother Nature agrees we're due for some spring. It was in the forties and sunny yesterday, the fifties with some sun today, and the kids and I have been gasping for outdoor time as if we've barely been out in five months. Which...we haven't.

In the midst of all this foggy slogging (band name!), we've kept our sanity with a lot of help from our family and friends.

Bridget is stunned by the lack of sunshine, but Nan knows it's New England's signature

My camera wasn't functioning properly, but I still think this shot of Bridget cuddling Lilly (Sharon's daughter) is sweet

Danielle, our beloved babysitter, home for Christmas

The whole Isis gang (except for the twins)
Isis boys: Ryan, Connor, Will

Aunt Jen, Uncle Kai and Jenna visited
Godson and Godfather

They were all smiles until we sent them home with our stomach bug :-(

Ethan came over to play (Finn wears that sweater vest with everything)

Amanda and Sarah did some baby-holding for me

The Orr and Noon kids took advantage of some rare spring weather

Fort-building with the Comenzos

I got a visit from my adorable godson, baby Johnny

Grace and Bridget 

Mindy helping Grace hold Hadley

Mamp and Hadley

Bridget and Brendan at the park!
(It was windy but we had to do it anyway.)

Jack and Finn

Bridget and Riley

Auntie AlRo stopped by

Abby and Will had a sleepover (their first ever)!

Watching Frozen, of course

Connor's the Spider-Knight, Will's the fierce dragon, Finny's the lurking Power Ranger

Bridget and Stevie get acquainted
This would have been a truly horrible season without all the wonderful people in our lives. Thanks to all of them for making it--if not quite a "glorious summer"--a survivable winter.